The Griff Network was awarded a new patent. Griff’s research and development team was granted a patent for use in the credit card industry. The new invention consists of a new method for laminating multilayered structures together. It is made of a free-flowing copolymer designed to thermally balance two different contracting/expanding plastics. Additionally, the co-polymer

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Rolls of paper


The Griff Network appoints a new production manager. Abigail Ferguson was appointed as Griff Paper and Film’s new production manager. Ferguson has worked at Griff for five and a half years. In 2016, she started as a front desk receptionist before working her way up to a customer service position. Prior to her current role,

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rolls of films on a slitter


The Griff Network appoints two new management positions and adds new equipment. Jon Giza was hired as the company’s new process development manager. Prior to working at Griff, Jon Giza worked as a director of manufacturing for more than 20 years. His experience and unique perspective are assets to Griff. In this role, Giza is

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Rolls of decorative film


After several years of growth, Griff moved its decorative film facility from Lakewood, NJ to Fallsington, PA. The Griff Network continues to expand its operations. After just adding new slitting equipment to its converting capabilities, Griff is upgrading its decorative film division by relocating it. This move will assist Griff Decorative Films, a division of

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Griff Adds Slitting Capacity to Contract Converting Facility The Griff Network upgraded slitting capacity at its contract converting facility. Griff added a new slitter to its Fallsington, PA facility. Griff Paper and Film continues to add equipment to its operations. On the heels of just adding new extrusion and slitting equipment to its graphic vinyl

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New Spooling Equipment


Improving Our Spooling and Traverse Rewinding Capabilities to Satisfy Our Clients Demands

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large printer for printing and graphics divisions


Griff’s New Printing & Graphics Division Brings New Capabilities to the Graphic Signage and Print Markets

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Griff Invests Over One Million Dollars in Coating Upgrades to Help Client Capacity

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